Heavy Duty Flush Parking Reservation Lock


The Heavy duty Flush Parking reservation lock is recessed onto the ground surface and when folded in the downward position, the lock is level with the ground surface and not lying above it. This product is ideal for industrial use as it is manufactured using 4mm galvanized steel and can double up as an anti-theft device.

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Can be used for the reserving of indoor and outdoor parking bays. Ideal for use when product is required to be flush with the ground. Industrial level use due to heavy duty 4mm steel. Anti-theft device

Height: 650mm X 110mm X 4mm

4mm heavy duty Galvanized steel
Reflective tape applied
Wording applied – disabled, reserved, chevron or no parking


Flush Parking Reservation locks are sunken into the ground
They do not require bolts
They are fixed by means of concrete

Locking mechanism:
70mm stainless steel discus lock supplied (keyed alike locks available on request)




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