Dish Wheel Clamp


Please be aware that other wheel clamps may be more cost effective but do not always have the necessary pins to secure the wheel clamp effectively to the vehicle wheel. These can be quite easily removed or damage the vehicle if the driver is unaware the clamp is attached.

Clamping vehicles in South Africa can be a legally grey area. Although the parked car is in the wrong, the last thing you want to deal with is having damaged the vehicle. Please ensure that you have the correct warning signage (you can contact us directly for your signage requirements as there is normally some customized information required for the sign i.e. release fees and contact details).
We provide you with 5 Window warning stickers with each wheel clamp purchased as well as stainless steel discus lock included.


A dish wheel clamp is a lightweight clamp that is easy to install. It is locally manufactured and fits most vehicles.

This clamp is very popular with shopping centre security and private users. It is cost effective and simple to install. The wheel clamp is supplied with a lock.
SA Parking solutions’ latest wheel clamp has been designed with 3 basic principles in mind:
  1. Strength: The clamp is made up of structural steel tubing with a combined strength equivalent of 8 mm steel bar, yet it is light enough to carry around.
  2. Versatility:
    Our dish wheel clamp is designed to clamp small trailer tyres to the bigger 4 x 4 tyres in use on new SUV vehicles.
  3. Ease of use: The clamp is easier to install due to the extra support leg and can be installed quickly. Install the clamp with minimum effort and with minimum installation training. It can be used with most “off the shelf locks”. It can be supplied with “1 key fits all” locks if more than one clamp is going to be used.
  • Fits tyres 13 – 17 inch
  • 8mm steel
  • 12mm support backbone
  • 580mm x 290mm wide x 130mm high
  • Weight: 3KG


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